Bouillouses site

The lake and its accesses are a natural site classified since 1976. Since 2000, the General Council of the Pyrénées-Orientales tries to protect this exceptional natural heritage by a plan of tourist attendance regulation.



- During summer the traffic by the road is regulated. An oficial order forbids public traffic between 7am to 7pm on the RD60. In case of influx, and as soon as the car park at the foot of the dam is filled, the traffic can be forbidden before 7am. The car park is forbidden on the shoulders of the RD60. Vehicles must be parked on the parking Pla de Barrès  or under the dam. The lake becomes accessible either by shuttle from RD60, or by chairlift from the ski resort departure of Font-Romeu La Calme (add 30 minutes walking to the dam), or by foot on a marked path (3.20 one way from Pla de Barrès). 


- During winter, RD60 is closed from Pla des Aveillans because of the snow. You can access to the lake walking or, better, with snow rackets in 1.30 one way. 


Dogs are allowed, but for the comfort and the safety of each one, leashes and muzzles are recommanded (free loan).


All alone the summer are purposed many activities:

- Discover the Catalan mountain on tuesday and thursday, in July and August, free accompagnied walking tour for a half-day with a mountain guide.

On reservation +33 (0)4 68 04 24 61


- Initiation to fishing free by the Fédération des Pyrénées-Orientales pour la pêche et la protection du milieu aquatique.

On reservation +33 (0)4 68 04 24 61


From the dam, many itineraries allow to discover the area:

- Etangs du Carlit : 5 lakes in 2h30 or 12 lakes in 5h

- La Pradella 1h30

- Etangs des Esquits 2h

- Lac d'Aude 4h

A course of orientation for children allows the families to discover the site through 14 beacons and a map.

Information and free topo at the information center of the dam.



Various spots are located on the site and the accesses to the main sectors are well marked (Roc d'Aude and Aveillans). These sites are open but you are responsible for your own practice. For further information, look at a detailled topo (ex. : "Les Pyrénées du Levant" de Thomas Dulac et Pascal Testas).


- a parking area at Pla de Barrès located out of the limits of the conservation area could welcom up to 600 vehicles. During summer, there is the shuttles starting point. You will find there dry toilet and information point.

- a point of informations at the dam will propose you hiking topos, dry toilet and water source.

- a car park area at the dam.

- many picnic areas and fire places settled on the board of the RD60 between Pla de Barrès and the dam.


Accomodation and catering

- Hôtel-restaurant Les Bones Hores  : 100 people in double rooms and dormitories, catering, overnight stay, 1/2 pension et full pension. 

Tel. : +33 (0)4 68 04 24 22


- Chalet-refuge du Club Alpin Français :  42 people in double rooms and dormitoriescateringovernight stay, 1/2 pension et full pension. 

Tel. : +33 (0)4 68 04 93 88


- Auberge Le Carlit : 21 people and 32 people in shelter, cateringovernight stay, 1/2 pension et full pension. 

Tel. : +33 (0)4 68 04 22 23


- Refuge des Camporeils 19 people in dormitories, bivouac area, 2 fire places, cateringovernight stay, 1/2 pension et full pension. 

Tel. : +33 (0)6 82 12 99 22